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The Growing Threat of COVID-19

By Jane Cameron

The United States is expected to see its number of COVID-19 cases soar as the country approaches winter.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic appeared in March, there have been 34.6 million cases worldwide and 1 million deaths recorded. Of those cases, the United States is responsible for 7 million and has watched as 204,000 Americans have lost their lives in the battle against the virus. Despite these large numbers, 90 percent of the population does not have antibodies and are at risk of contracting the virus.

The government has gradually been lessening restrictions imposed on citizens, which has resulted in people feeling less obligated to emphasize safety in their daily activities. Young people under the age of 40 have accounted for the majority of new cases in the population. Therefore, those who feel less fearful of the virus are pushing boundaries and only further spreading the disease.

Canada is undergoing their second wave of the virus as they enter the fall season. The country's stable average of 380 cases since flattening the curve in summer has skyrocketed to 1,144 cases daily. Canada had recorded 150,000 cases, but will now see that number grow exponentially, and the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has expressed concern that there may be another lockdown.

Europe is experiencing a rebound in COVID-19 cases this week as well. The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) reported more than 45,000 in the last 14 days, a record high. This is alarming after Europe reported a stable death rate for the past 72 days. Among the European countries, Britain, France and Italy have reported record high case numbers, and there is no evidence that numbers will begin to drop.

Countries are facing decisions such as ordering another lockdown as they fear for the safety of their citizens. The economic hardship that could result from lockdown makes this choice more difficult. The United States experiences approximately 765 deaths a day from COVID-19, but estimates this number could increase to 3,000 by December. World leaders must now balance the health and well-being of citizens along with the stability of the economy.

The fall and winter seasons will see people spending more time inside, which is dangerous because the virus spreads more easily indoors. Additionally, if people continue to become less vigilant in monitoring their behavior, the disease will inevitably spread. The country has endured months of this pandemic, and we must heighten our senses rather than become complacent. These next few months will be consequential in ensuring the safety of the American people.

Jane Cameron is a sophomore majoring in journalism and mass communication, from Fairfield County, Connecticut.


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