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Student Association Election Endorsements

Student Body of the George Washington University,

The GW College Democrats endorse candidates in the Student Association Elections who are best suited to confront the problems that we, as Democrats, believe are most important to the student body. This year, our Executive Board has chosen to endorse Mr. Benjamin Pryde for President of the Student Association. The distinctive aspect of Ben's platform is the attention to detail he brings to each issue. From adding counselors to the UCC, to improving resources for sexual assault survivors, to working on the upcoming Sodexo contract, Ben was consistently able to both identify his goals as well as a detailed plan to achieve each one. His leadership on the Finance Committee has prepared him well for the rigors of dealing with hundreds of competing interests and the stress of making difficult decisions.

At the beginning of this year, the College Democrats experienced a 50% year-to-year budget cut and were also denied a requested line-item transfer. However, we believe Mr. Pryde's actions were ultimately justified, as the College Democrats have learned both prudent budgeting and attention to detail without experiencing significant declines in programming. It is also evident that Ben is open to addressing current flaws in the system. His competitor, Andie Dowd, presented a strong platform built on consensus, student input, and improving GW's culture traits Mr. Pryde should certainly look to emulate. However, it was our Executive Board's opinion that what GW needs for the year ahead is a leader who can follow through on campaign promises with attention to detail and a desire to finish the work that was done before him qualities we believe are found in Ben Pryde's campaign for SA President.


College Democrats Executive Board


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