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  • GW College Democrats Executive Board

Statement on the Antisemitism of Nourhan Mesbah

"GW College Democrats express their outrage and frustration with the antisemitism and subsequent inadequate response to the antisemitic comments of the former IDEA director and recently elected Vice President of the College Democrats of America, Nourhan Mesbah.

"On September 17, 2021, the College Democrats of America’s Jewish Caucus released a statement on Medium: “Antisemitism from the College Democrats of America IDEA Director and Vice Presidential Candidate Nourhan Mesbah.” The statement responded to a recent Jewish on Campus post that exposed antisemitism within the College Democrats of America. Nourhan Mesbah not only willingly associated with individuals who are antisemitic but failed to call out the antisemitism of these individuals. Furthermore, in 2016 Nourhan Mesbah tweeted out a blatantly antisemitic comment. In their statement, the College Democrats of America’s Jewish Caucus called for Nourhan Mesbah to drop out of the CDA race and resign from her current post.

"On September 23, 2021, newly elected Vice President Nourhan Mesbah released a statement on the CDA platform apologizing for her comments. We believe that the statement made by Mesbah does not properly reflect the harm that she has caused to the broader CDA community. Additionally, Mesbah’s substandard response shows complicity from CDA in an attempt to move past a deeply hateful and problematic situation.

"GW College Democrats join American University Democrats in their call for Nourhan Mesbah to resign and for an open investigation of the entire executive board to be carried out by the National IDEA Director.

"We demand accountability and action. We are an inclusive organization that aims to be a welcoming and safe environment for everyone and are disappointed to be associated with CDA at this time. We do not stand for CDA’s blatant disregard of the antisemitism perpetrated within their organization.

"If the broader issue of antisemitism within CDA is not addressed, and proper action is not taken by the organization, the GW College Democrats will no longer be associated with the College Democrats of America. GW College Democrats can not properly spread our message under an organization that does not uphold the same values. We stand with the Jewish Caucus and all Jewish membership of CDA across the nation."



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