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  • GW College Democrats Executive Board

Statement on the 15th Anniversary of September 11th

"We commend Mr. Trump and Sec. Clinton's decision to suspend their campaigns and we honor President Obama's remarks today.

"This day, September 11, marks the anniversary of the deadliest attack on American soil. 15 years ago, nearly 3,000 innocent lives were brutally taken away from their families and friends. We will never forget the horrors that day produced, the pain that it caused, or the grief and anxiety experienced by the loved ones of every victim.

"Through all of the heartbreaking memories that we can't help but relive today, we must remember the heroes of the day: the first responders who answered the call when their country needed them most. They deserve our utmost respect and admiration. We extend our deepest gratitude to those first responders and to all of America's servicemen and servicewomen on this harrowing day. Thank you."



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