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  • GW College Democrats Executive Board

Statement on National Coalition to Boycott DCCC

CONTACT: ​Drew Amstutz, VP of Communications - ​ FOR RELEASE: ​29 April, 2019

"The GW College Democrats (GWCD) announces that it will join the national coalition of over 50 college Democrat chapters to boycott Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) donations until regressive vendor policies are eliminated.

"GWCD believes that the primary process plays a crucial role in the formation of our democracy. Challengers to incumbents have a longstanding history of expanding dialogue within the party to better represent the American people. This contribution should be celebrated, not chastised.

"Any effort to blacklist vendors and firms who work with incumbent challengers runs contrary to our progressive values and cannot be supported by this organization.

"In response, GWCD urges its members and affiliates to boycott donations to the DCCC until it reverses its blacklist rule. Until this occurs, we encourage donations to be made directly to individual candidates."



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