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  • GW College Democrats Executive Board

Statement on GW College Republicans Endorsing Donald J. Trump

"On the very first day of his campaign, Donald Trump called Mexicans criminals and rapists. He later insulted Sen. John McCain, veterans, and hundreds of other prisoners of war by claiming he "likes people who aren't captured." Donald Trump called for a "complete and total ban" on Muslims entering the United States, a religion that accounts for 23% of the world's population. He has gone to great lengths to avoid denouncing the support of David Duke, a former Grand Wizard of the KKK, and has given voice to anti-Semitic ugliness. He has made fun of people with disabilities, continually disparaged women, and enjoys the support of countless white supremacy organizations. Donald Trump's hateful and divisive rhetoric has no place on a diverse campus like the George Washington University.

"If his rhetoric wasn't enough, then his policies prove he isn't concerned about the issues that plague college students. Donald Trump has no plan to help decrease student debt, and it appears that the only experience he has in education is defrauding thousands of Americans at Trump University. He believes that instead of increasing the federal minimum wage to help college students support themselves, we should abolish the federal minimum wage altogether. His health care plan shows no interest in ensuring the general well-being of the nation, much less college students. And he has said that women should be punished for having an abortion. Donald Trump has simply no interest in implementing policies that will help college students or their families. As college students, we have should be outraged by Donald Trump and his senseless campaign, not encouraging people to vote for it.

"This week, the GW College Republicans endorsed Donald Trump. Donald Trump's message and rhetoric match his policies and plans perfectly; they are dangerous, divisive, and destructive. It's puzzling that the GW College Republicans would endorse a candidate with such a hateful and harmful record. America has always looked to young people and college campuses to stand up for what's right, even when it's unpopular. We're sad to see the College Republicans choose a different path."



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