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  • GW College Democrats Executive Board

Statement on Failure to Censure Senator Forrest

"GW College Democrats is extremely disappointed in the GW Student Association Senate’s decision to not censure Senator Brady Forrest last night. Last month, screenshots of anti-Semitic comments made by Forrest circulated on Facebook in which Forrest called for a boycott of a multicultural event due to the inclusion of the Jewish Student Association and Hillel.

"It is the responsibility of the SA to foster community and inclusivity, but this is not attainable if blatantly anti-Semitic comments are tolerated.

"It is impossible to harbor an inclusive campus community when student leaders are not held accountable for their hateful comments. We are deeply disturbed by Forrest’s anti-Semitic comments and are equally disturbed by the SA’s failure to denounce such acts.

"Anti-Semitism continues to plague this campus, and we demand that the Student Association not be complicit in allowing such comments and actions. There is no place on this campus for groups to be excluded based on their religion. Jewish students on this campus deserve a space in which they can openly express their culture and beliefs, and the SA must work to foster this.

"We know that Senators who abstained or voted against censuring Brady Forrest can do better, and we expect more from our student leaders moving forward."



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