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  • GW College Democrats Executive Board

Statement on Climate Action

"As we begin a new year and a new chapter here at the George Washington University College Democrats, we acknowledge the ever-growing, imminent climate emergency and the need to combat this crisis. Thus, the GW College Democrats endorse a Green New Deal, and acknowledge it as the foremost and most compelling solution to the climate crisis. Furthermore, GWCD condemns the George Washington University for investments in the fossil fuel industry and call on the university to fully divest from fossil fuels in all forms. In terms of internal improvements, GWCD will prioritize working with candidates and speakers which do not accept money from the fossil fuel or oil industry. Additionally, our Activism and Advocacy Committees and Political Affairs Department will take a larger focus on climate-based issues through a variety of actions, such as mobilization at climate protests and strikes, as well as implementing policies and structural advancement towards a climate solution.

"In order to become more active in the climate crisis here on campus and DC, we will be working in partnership with Sunrise GW. As previously released, GWCD endorses Divest GW and namely call on GWU to abolish the GWU Regulatory Studies Center. We believe this partnership will be fruitful for both organizations as GWCD grows to prioritize activist voices and uplift them."



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