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  • GW College Democrats Executive Board

Calling for the Resignation of President Thomas J. LeBlanc

"GW College Democrats calls on Thomas J. LeBlanc to resign as President of The George Washington University.

"In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand that the university, just like all of us, is faced with making extremely difficult and consequential decisions. It would be unfair to blame President LeBlanc for everything that has gone awry at GW over the course of his term—especially since March. However, the trail of aggrieved students, faculty, and staff resulting from poor-decision making, gross mismanagement, mistreatment of staff, and offensive statements made by President LeBlanc has inflicted irreparable harm on the relationship between his administration and the GW community. LeBlanc can no longer serve effectively, because he has lost the confidence of the university through his failed leadership.

"There have been numerous missteps and transgressions made by LeBlanc that have harmed the student community and damaged GW’s reputation. Amid a hiring freeze and layoffs, LeBlanc decided to hire Heather Swain—who helped protect Larry Nassar. The 20/30 plan that he championed would have hugely damaged campus diversity and put GW even further out of reach for many for low-income students. In February, he dismissed widespread concerns about fossil fuel investments by using a racially-insensitive analogy, making Black students feel like strangers on their own campus and laying bare his disrespect for the student body at large. The list goes on but the common thread is clear: LeBlanc is leading GW down the wrong path.

"We stand with the GW Faculty Association, GW Black Defiance, and the growing number of students and faculty who have completely lost faith in President LeBlanc’s ability to lead. Change cannot wait when a university makes Black and brown students feel like outsiders on their own campus, nor can it wait when faculty have lost their confidence in the administration. LeBlanc can no longer serve effectively, and needs to resign."



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