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  • GW College Democrats Executive Board

Endorsement of Joe Biden for President

"GW College Democrats officially endorses Joe Biden for President of the United States, and commits to work tirelessly towards Donald Trump’s defeat at the ballot box this November.

"Our party’s voters have spoken, and have awarded Joe Biden a majority of pledged delegates to the Democratic National Convention. We are proud to join a broad coalition of support for Joe Biden that includes former President Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, the rest of the 2020 field, and millions of Democrats around the country.

"We acknowledge the reservations many people hold about Joe Biden’s record. We share many of these same concerns – in fact, the former Vice President was not the first choice in the primary of most of our leadership team. But he is the standard-bearer of our party, and the very last line of defense against Donald Trump winning a second term. Four more years of Donald Trump would consign future generations to climate change destruction, solidify a far-right judiciary, and accelerate the collapse of democratic norms at home and abroad.

"A Biden presidency would be the antithesis of that. The 2020 Democratic platform will undeniably be the most progressive in the history of our party – and that is because of young progressive voters, who recognize that the ways of the past cannot possibly lead to a better country for everybody. Joe Biden’s renewed outreach to young people is encouraging, as are his latest plans to battle climate change, ensure economic justice, and confront the bigotry that is endemic in our society. Joe Biden represents a bridge to the future, while Donald Trump represents a capitulation to hatred.

"We implore every single person reading this to vote Democratic on November 3rd, because every vote matters against a President who is more than willing to abuse his office to stay in power. This election is vital for American democracy, global progress, and the planet itself – and it is on all of us to meet this moment."



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