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  • GW College Democrats Executive Board

Condemnation of New York State’s’ Decision to Cancel June Presidential Primary

"GW College Democrats condemns the decision of the New York State Board of Elections to cancel the state’s June 23rd Democratic presidential primary.

"While the ongoing coronavirus pandemic presents a clear obstacle to safe primary voting, the state’s original decision to delay the election and switch to an optional absentee ballot system was a suitable workaround.

"Any policy that disenfranchises people is unacceptable. Voters’ right to vote for whomever they choose – including casting a protest vote or blank ballot – should not be taken away. Doing so silences the voices of millions and casts a grim precedent for November and beyond.

"Furthermore, the final delegate counts play an important role in ensuring a plurality of voices are heard in the crafting of the platform at the Democratic National Convention.

"GW College Democrats strongly encourages all of its members from New York to still participate ​by absentee ballot​ in primary elections for other offices, including the U.S. House of Representatives, on June 23rd."



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