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  • GW College Democrats Executive Board

Calling for Justice for George Floyd

"George Floyd should still be alive today. So should the countless other Black people who have been murdered in acts of police brutality. They are victims of a system mired by racism and bigotry, and deserve justice.

"George Floyd’s death needs to be treated as what it is – a cold-blooded murder. GW College Democrats calls on Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman to bring appropriate charges against the officers who murdered George Floyd because he was Black.

"There is nothing that can bring George Floyd back, but every single person has a role to play in fighting against injustice – in ways large and small. Right now, you can text FLOYD to 55156 – which will prompt you to sign a petition demanding that the officers involved be punished to the fullest extent. If you’re able, please consider ​donating to the Minnesota Freedom Fund​, an organization that will be bailing Minneapolis demonstrators out of jail. And we encourage everyone to do what they can in their day-to-day lives to amplify the voices of people of color, and to bat down racism any time it appears.

"Today, we join calls for the full force of justice to be leveled against the officers who murdered George Floyd. Today, tomorrow, and always, we stand for the breaking down of ingrained racism in our society, and uphold the truth that Black lives matter."



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